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MW Psychology

Merilyn Waterhouse can assist with a wide range of challenging issues such as - the transition to midlife and strategies for growth - relationship difficulties - strategies for coping with painful emotions.

Merilyn's experience is in health psychology, providing counselling services to assist people from all walks of life, deal with a diverse range of life stressors and psychological distress. Merilyn's work is collaborative, adjusted to suit individual needs, and is solution focused.


Areas Treated include:

Couples Therapy
Relationship Issues
Relaxation Therapy
Grief and Loss
Pain Management

Women's Health Issues
Stress Management
Quit Smoking
Weight Loss
Adjustment to injury

Anxiety, Fears & Panic
Post Traumatic Stress
Resilience Building
Anger Management
Life Transistions
Sleep Difficulties

Counselling Services

If you find it difficult to talk about specific problems with friends or family, or you don’t want to burden them, or if the strategies you have relied on in the past are not helping you to resolve your current difficulties and you want a safe, supportive and confidential environment in which to do so, please email or call Merilyn for an appointment.

Merilyn has considerable experience working with injured WorkCover and Motor Vehicle Accident claimants, as well as Chronic Pain patients and those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder . She is familiar with the WorkCover process of injury management and is competent in report writing for insurance purposes.

Merilyn can assist clients in learning skills and strategies to improve the management of their chronic pain condition, and develop techniques to help nurture their body and counteract stress symptoms, to achieve a better qualify of life.